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International Conference On Smart Materials And Surfaces (SMS), Bangkok

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 234-235


  We are pleased to announce International Conference on Smart Materials and Surfaces (SMS). It will be organised jointly by SETCOR, IAAM and VBRI Press during 26-28 August 2014 at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Smart Materials and Surfaces (SMS), Bangkok is a three-day event ...  Read More

Functional Nanomaterials For Energy And Sustainability

Antonios Kelarakis

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 236-241


  In view of the continuous decline in fossil fuel reserves, at a time when energy demands are steadily increasing, a diverse range of emerging nanotechnologies promise to secure modern solutions to the prehistoric energy problem. Each one of those distinct approaches capitalizes on different principles, ...  Read More

Oxides For Spintronics: A Review Of Engineered Materials For Spin Injection

M. C. Prestgard; G. P. Siegel; A. Tiwari

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 242-247


  In this article we have reviewed the role of oxides in spintronics research, and specifically how these materials stand to further improve the efficiencies and capabilities of spin injection for active spintronic device development. The use of oxides in spintronics is advantageous in that they are stable ...  Read More

Mechanical Properties and Deformation Of Ceramic Coated Steels Heat-treated By Scanning Laser

Hirotaka Tanabe; Keiji Ogawa; Yui Izumi; Motoyuki Nishizawa; Tohru Takamatsu; Heisaburo Nakagawa

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 248-254


  A new surface modification method “laser quenching after coating” using a high power diode laser equipped with a 2-dimensional galvano-scanner unit was developed to process a larger area of ceramic coated steel uniformly and efficiently. The laser irradiation tests for 3 kinds of ceramic-coated ...  Read More

 Study Of Ca Doping On A- Site On The Structural And Physical Properties Of BLTMNZ Ceramics

P. Kumari; R. Rai; A. L. Kholkin; A. Tiwari

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 255-259


  The ferroelectric Ca doped (Ba0.9575La0.04X0.0025) (Ti0.815Mn0.0025Nb0.0025Zr0.18)0.99O3 was prepared by a high-temperature solid state reaction technique. For the understanding of the electrical and dielectric property, the relation between the crystal structures, electrical transition and ferroelectric ...  Read More

Crystallization And Grain Growth Behavior Of La2O3-doped Yttria-stabilized Zirconia

Bulent Aktas; Suleyman Tekeli; Serdar Salman

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 260-264


  The effect of La2O3 addition on the microstructure and grain growth behavior of yttria-stabilized zirconia (8YSZ) was investigated. To this end, 8YSZ was doped with 1–15 wt% La2O3 by means of colloidal processing, and then sintered at 1550 °C for 1 h. XRD results identified a dissolution limit ...  Read More

Improving The Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Semi-coke Based Carbon/copper Composites Reinforced Using Carbon Nanotubes

S. Kumari; A. Kumar; P. R. Sengupta; P. K. Dutta; R. B. Mathur

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 265-271


  Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT)- reinforced carbon/copper (C/Cu) composites were developed by powder metallurgy technique and mixed powders of C and Cu were consolidated into plates without using any extra binder followed by sintering at 1000 o C in inert atmosphere. Samples were characterized for ...  Read More

Effect Of UV Rays On Degradation And Stability Of High Performance Polymer Membranes

Omkar S. Kushwaha; C. V. Avadhani; R. P. Singh

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 272-279


  Acid doped polybenzimidazole membranes have emerged as an efficient electrolyte for high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (HTPEMFCs). The long term stability of polybenzimidazole membranes has been recognized as an important issue for commercial applications. Here, we report the oxidative ...  Read More

Correlation Between The PH Value And Properties Of Magnetite Nanoparticles

Geeta Rana; Umesh C. Johri

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 280-286


  Magnetite nanoparticles with particle size ~ 10 and 16 nm are synthesized by varying pH of the initial solution during chemical co-precipitation method. The X-ray diffraction patterns confirm the formation of spinel phase; however, the Raman spectra show an impure phase of antiferromagnetic Fe2O3 in ...  Read More

Stoichiometric LiNb3O8 Thin Films From Microwave Annealing

Anil Tumuluri; K. C. James Raju

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 287-291


  Mono phase LiNb3O8 (LN), a compound that comes during the processing of LiNbO3 is synthesized as thin films using sol gel process followed by microwave annealing. Initial studies like phase determination, structure and microstructure of this particular compound are done. XRD pattern confirmed LN as monoclinic ...  Read More

Variation In Mechanical Properties With Substrate Temperature Of SbTi Thin Film Deposited By RF Sputtering Technique

A. Rambabu; Anil Tumuluri; K.C. James Raju

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, Pages 292-296


  Nanoindentation technique has been used to determine the mechanical properties of bismuth layered structure ferroelectric thin films, which have been shown to be promising for MEMS based devices used in sensing, actuation and energy harvesting, especially at elevated temperatures. SBTi (SrBi4Ti4O15) ...  Read More