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Advanced Materials World Congress, Sweden

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 366-366


  We are pleased to announce next Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC), 25-28 August, 2015, http://vbripress.com/amwc/. It is a four-day international event organised by International Association of Advanced Materials and VBRI Press, which usually meets every two-year. The upcoming world ...  Read More

Formation Of TiO2 Thin Films By A Modified Sol-gel Route And Characterization Of Structural, Optical And Electrochromic Properties

Fatma Pinar Gokdemir; vecihe Ece Yuzbasioglu; Bahadir Keskin; Orhan Ozdemir; Kubilay Kutlu

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 367-371


  Through a modified sol gel route with titanium isopropoxide (TIP) and acetic acid, titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin films were deposited by dip coating. Employing acetic acid as modifier and without inclusion of water in hydrolysis leaded to control the degree of condensation-oligorimerization of the precursor ...  Read More

Magnetic, Electronic Structure And Interface Study Of Fe/MgO/Fe Multilayer

Jitendra Pal Singh; Sanjeev Gautam; Braj Bhusan Singh; Sujeet Chaudhary; D. Kabiraj; D. Kanjilal; K. H. Chae; R. Kotnala; Jenn-Min Lee; Jin-Ming Chen; K. Asokan

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 372-377


  MgO based magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) exhibit high tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) and have potential applications in magnetic random access memories. This study addresses the role of interface in the Fe/MgO/Fe based MTJs. For present investigation, Fe/MgO/Fe multilayer stack on Si substrates ...  Read More

Nanostructure Of β-type Titanium Alloys Through Severe Plastic Deformation

Hakan Yilmazer; Mitsuo Niinomi; Ken Cho; Masaaki Nakai; Junko Hieda; Shigeo Sato; Yoshikazu Todaka

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 378-383


  A novel β-type titanium alloy Ti–29Nb–13Ta–4.6Zr (TNTZ) has been developed and extensively researched to achieve highly desirable mechanical properties such as a high strength while maintaining a low Young’s modulus that is close to that of bone, as an alternative candidate ...  Read More

Frequency And Temperature Dependent Impedance Study In 50% BaTiO3- 50% La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Nanocomposite

Momin Hossain Khan;Sudipta Pal

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 384-388


  We report the impedance spectroscopy (IS) behavior of the ferroelectric- ferromagnetic (50% BaTi O3-50% La0.7Sr0.3MnO3) nano-composite prepared by sol-gel method. Frequency and temperature dependence of the complex impedance and conductivity has been measured over the temperature range 310 K-430 K. A ...  Read More

Chemical Vapour Sensing Properties Of Electrospun Nanofibers Of Polyaniline/ ZnO Nanocomposites

Subhash B. Kondawar; Pallavi T. Patil; Shikha P. Agrawal

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 389-395


  Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles were synthesized by simple route of sol-gel method and nanofibers of polyaniline (PANI) and PANI/ZnO nanocomposites prepared using the electrospinning technique. Electrospun nanofibers of PANI and PANI/ZnO nanocomposites were collected on aluminum substrate for characterization ...  Read More

Thermoluminescence Characterization Of Gama-ray Irradiated Dy3+ Activated SrAl4O7 Nanophosphor

Anil Kumar Choubey; Nameeta Brahme; S.J. Dhoble; D. P. Bisen; K.B. Ghormare

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 396-399


  Dy doped strontium aluminate phosphor (SrAl4O7:Dy(15% molar concentration)) was synthesized by combustion method using urea as a reducer at initiating temperature of 600oC. The absorption spectra shows the absorption edges at l = 242 nm, thus the band gap of 5.11 eV. The Thermoluminescence (TL) property ...  Read More

Development Of Nanocomposites Based On Polypyrrole And Carbon Nanotubes For Supercapacitors

Ritu P. Mahore; Devendra K. Burghate; Subhash B. Kondawar

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 400-405


  Supercapacitors are recognized as one of the most promising energy storage devices for a wide range of civilian and military applications in electric vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies. Conducting polymer nanocomposites are new functional materials suitable for supercapacitors due to synergistic ...  Read More

Morphological Properties And Birefringences Of Uniaxial Lyotropic Nematic Mesophases Under Influence Of Various Magnetic Field Values

Aykut Evren Yavuz

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 409-413


  One has studied time-dependent changes of morphological properties of uniaxial lyotropic nematic-calamitic NC and nematic- discotic ND mesophases with various external magnetic field values. Also, changes of optical birefringence values of NC and ND lyotropic mesophases under influence of the magnetic ...  Read More

Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanofibers Of Conducting Polyaniline And Its Substitute Derivative

Subhash B. Kondawar; Suyog M. Pethe

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2014, Pages 414-420


  Intrinsically conducting polymers have been extensively studied due to their fascinating electronic properties and potential applications. One dimensional conducting polymer nanostructures have been the focus of quite extensive studies worldwide due to their high aspect ratio, high porosity apart from ...  Read More