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Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC) - 2015, Sweden  

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 485-485


  We are pleased to announce next Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC), 23-26 August, 2015, www.vbripress.com/amwc. It is a four-day international event organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials and sponsored by the VBRI Press, which usually meets every two-year. The upcoming ...  Read More

A Review On Tribology Of Surfaces And Interfaces

Ram Krishna Upadhyay; Lakshmi Annamalai Kumaraswamidhas

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 486-495


  Tribological study includes surface interaction and mechanism involve between contacts. At contact points, surface forces affect the geometry and properties of material whereas stress concentration affects processes that involve during friction interactions. Nanomechanical behaviour of thin-film and ...  Read More

Influence Of Air Annealing On The Structural, Morphology And Optical Properties Of ZnSe Thin Films By CW-CO2 Laser Evaporation

Wuttichai Phae-ngam; Taswal Kumpeerapun;Voravit Kosalathip; Suebtarkul Suchat

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 496-500


   CW-CO2 laser evaporation was used to deposit ZnSe thin films onto glass microscope slides. The films prepared were annealed in air at annealing temperatures of 100, 200 and 300°C. The effect of annealing temperature on the surface morphology, crystal structure and optical properties was investigated. ...  Read More

Green Syntheis Of Silver Nanoparticles And Its Activity On SiHa Cervical Cancer Cell Line

Anal K. Jha; K. Prasad

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 501-505


   Biosynthesis and characterizations of nanoparticles has become an important branch of nanotechnology nowadays. In this paper, green synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using the alcoholic extract of Argemone mexicana Linn. as a reducing and stabilizing agent, has been discussed. This biosynthetic ...  Read More

Thermal Spraying, Optimization And Characterization Of Abradable Seal Coating For Gas Turbine For Service Temperature Up To 750° C

M. Shadab Siddiqui; Pankaj Joshi; N. Nayak; K. Vidyasagar

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 506-510


  In thermal power plants, significant improvements in overall efficiencies can be achieved by reducing the leakage flows in compressor and turbine sections. One way to minimize these leakages is by the use of thermally sprayed abradable sealing coatings. This paper discusses the development of abradable ...  Read More

Effect Of Laser And Visible Light Irradiation On Structural And Optical Properties Of Thin Films Of Amorphous Selenium And Selenium Mercury (80:20 Composition)

Shabir Ahmad; Mohsin Ganaie; Mohd. Shahid Khan; M. Zulfequar

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 511-519


  This study is carried out the effect of laser and solar light irradiation on the structural and optical properties of amorphous Selenium and selenium mercury (80:20 composition). Bulk samples were prepared by thermal quenching technique and thin films were papered by thermal evaporation technique on ...  Read More

Green Synthesis, Characterization And Optical Properties Of Zinc Oxide Nanosheets Using Olea Europea Leaf Extract

Akl M. Awwad; Borhan Albiss; Ahmad L. Ahmad

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 520-524


  In this paper, a green method is reported for synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanosheets using Olea europea leaf extract. ZnO nanosheets were characterized by UV-vis absorption spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy ...  Read More

Elastic Plastic Fracture Toughness Of Aluminium Alloy AA6061 Fly Ash Composites

Ajit Bhandakkar; R. C. Prasad; Shankar M. L. Sastry

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 525-530


  Aluminium fly ash metal matrix composites (MMCs) find important applications in aerospace and automobiles where specific stiffness is important. Low cost fly ash and silicon carbide reinforcement are widely used in aluminium metal and matrix composite due to its low density, high young modulus and strength ...  Read More

Dielectric And Impedance Spectroscopic Studies Of Multiferroic BiFe1-xNixO3

M. R. Biswal; J. Nanda; N. C. Mishra; S. Anwar; A. Mishra

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 531-537


  Multiferroic bismuth ferrites (BFO) and Ni substituted bismuth ferrites (BFNO) were synthesized by standard solid state reaction route. The structural and microstructural studies were carried out. The effect of Ni substitution on dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the samples was studied in a ...  Read More

Bio- Polymer Assisted Solvothermal Growth And Optical Characterization Of CdS Nanostructures

J. S. Roy; K. Pal; T. Pal Majumder

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 538-542


  Various nanostructured CdS samples have been synthesized with assistance of starch (bio-polymer) by solvothermal method. We have synthesized nano-regime, nanorods and nanoparticles by simply changing the starch-solvent combinations. The highly polymeric (branched) structure of starch capped the CdS samples ...  Read More

Effect Of Catalyst Concentration On The Synthesis Of MWCNT By Single Step Pyrolysis

B. V. Mohan Kumar; R. Thomas; A. Mathew; G. Mohan Rao; D. Mangalaraj; N. Ponpandian; C. Viswanathan

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, Pages 543-548


  Multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) are synthesised by cost effective method of pyrolysing xylene (as hydrocarbon, precursor) in the presence of ferrocene (as catalyst) at 750 o C. The so obtained MWCNTs has a length ranging from 90 µm to 300 µm and diameter ranging from 20 nm to 200 nm depending ...  Read More