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Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC) -2015, Sweden

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 549-549

  VBRI Press AB is pleased to sponsor ‘Advanced Materials World Congress’ (AMWC) during 23-26 August, 2015, http://vbripress.com/amwc/ in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a four-day international event organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials (www.iaamonline.org), which regularly ...  Read More

Solvent Free Selective Isomerization Of  p-diethylbenzene To m-diethylbenzene Using Modified Hβ Zeolites

Mahesh S. Edake; Shriniwas D. Samant

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 550-556


  Solvent free and selective isomerization of p-diethylbenzene (p-DEB) to m-diethylbenzene (m-DEB) was carried out using metal modified zeolite Hβ at high temperature. The metal modification of Hβ catalyst was carried out by using typical Lewis acidic cations Al 3+ , Fe 3+ , Ti 4+ , Sn 4+ and ...  Read More

Interesting Nanoshapes By “nano Artwork”

Sushilkumar A. Jadhav

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 557-561


  Nanomaterials of interesting shapes such as nanostars, nanodiscs, nanorods and nanoflowers are frequently synthesized by chemists, experimental physicists and material scientists nowadays. Large number of the bottom-up or top-down synthetic techniques are invented and reported for the synthesis of these ...  Read More

Effective Antimicrobial Filter From Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile-silver Composite Nanofibers Membrane For Conductive Environments

Anisha Chaudhary; Ashish Gupta; Rakesh B. Mathur; Sanjay R. Dhakate

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 562-568


  Electrospun nanofibers based antimicrobial filter were examined for their capability to build conductive environment. An antimicrobial agent, silver nitrate (AgNO3), was added to the nanofibers membrane for its ability to prevent growth of microorganisms over the filter media. In this direction in the ...  Read More

Electrodeposition Of V2O5 Using Ammonium Metavanadate At Room Room Temperature

Dimitra Vernardou; Emmanouil Spanakis; Nikolaos Katsarakis; Emmanouil Koudoumas

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 569-572


  Vanadium oxides were electrodeposited on fluorine doped tin dioxide glass substrates using an aqueous solution of ammonium metavanadate at room temperature for various growth periods keeping the current density constant. The deposition period was found to affect the structure and the morphology of the ...  Read More

Geometrical Shape Dependence Field Emission From Patterned Carbon Nanotube Array: A Simulation Based Study

Rajkumar Patra; Himani Sharma; Swati Singh; S. Ghosh; V. D. Vankar

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 573-577


  Designing an efficient field emission source requires theoretical optimization of electron emitters’ geometrical distribution over the surface for its best performance in terms of current density. Seven and nineteen bundles of CNT arrays arranged in different models are analysed in detail using ...  Read More

Microstructural Characterization Of Chitosan Films Used As Support For Ferulic Acid Release

Sandra Rivero; Maria A. Garcia; Adriana Pinotti

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 578-586


  The influence of natural antioxidants incorporated to biodegradable materials has become a focus of attention in the current food packaging research and development. Chitosan is a functional natural polymer extensively used for tailoring systems or matrices for a different active compound delivery. This ...  Read More

Structural and Optical Properties of Sol-gel Processed ZnCdMgO Nanostructured Films as Transparent Conductor

Praveen Kumar; Amritpal Singh; Dinesh Pathak; Ludek Hromadko; Tomas Wagner

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 587-592


  In the present work, we report the structural and optical properties of sol-gel synthesized Zn0.9(Cd1-xMgx)0.1O (0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0) nanostructured films investigated by using the X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, electrical resistivity, optical absorption and photoluminescence ...  Read More

Investigation on The Effect of Micro-fillers on The Strength Reinforcement of Polypropylene

Hieu Giang Le; Shyh-Chour Huang; Van Son Nguyen; Thanh-Phong Dao

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 593-597


  This paper describes on the effect the ratio of fillers (Na10MB3A and CaCO3) have on the tensile strength of polypropylene (PP). These fillers have been added to PP in various ratios and mixed evenly before injecting. Experimental specimens are then made by the injection process under the same conditions ...  Read More

Microwave Assisted Synthesis Of Stable Biofunctionalized Silver Nanoparticles Using Apple Fruit (Malus Domestica) Extract

I.S. Vijayashree; S. Yallappa; P. Niranjana; J. Manjanna

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 598-603


  A simple and eco-friendly biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) is reported here using apple fruit extract as reducing and capping media under microwave irradiation. AgNPs were characterized by UV–visible spectroscopy, XRD, FT-IR and TEM. The kinetics of reduction of aqueous silver ions ...  Read More

Tb3+ Doped Sr2(BO3)Cl  Green Emitting Phosphor For Solid State Lighting

Vishal R. Panse; N.S. Kokode; S.J. Dhoble

Volume 5, Issue 10 , October 2014, Pages 604-610


  In this paper we present luminescence results on Tb 3+ doped Sr2(BO3)Cl green phosphor. The vibrational properties of Sr2(BO3)Cl phosphor was studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Photoluminescence studies have been carried out to understand the mechanism of excitation and the corresponding ...  Read More