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Research Article Composite Materials
Electrocaloric Effect in Sodium Bismuth Titanate Based Ferroelectric Composites

Rajani Malathi Alupatla; G. S. Kumar; G. Prasad

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-5


  Mixed system of (1-x)Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3+(x)SrTiO3 (NBT-ST) where x=0.075, 0.125, 0.150, 0.200 ferroelectric ceramic materials are synthesized using modified pechini method. These optimized compositions are used for study of polarization versus electric field (P-E) loops. The ferroelectric response of the ...  Read More

Research Article
Structural, Optical and Photo Catalytic Properties of CdS Thin Films Synthesized by Green-CBD Method

Vikas Sawant; D.A. Lavate; A.S. Khomane

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-5


  Aim of this work is to study the synthesis of CdS thin films by eco-friendly rout and analyze the change in structural and optical properties of material due to use of biomolecules as a stabilizing agent. The CdS thin films were deposited in lemon extract and ammonia solution separately by maintaining ...  Read More

Research Article
A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of 2, 3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one Derivatives using MgFe2O4@SiO2-SO3H Catalyst

Anand Aswar; Nilesh Govindrao Salunkhe; Chandrashekhar Arun Ladole; Nikita Vinod Thakare; Jagruti Manish Barabde

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-5


  In the present study, use of MgFe2O4@SiO2-SO3H as an efficient, green, magnetically recoverable & recyclable catalyst for micro-wave assisted solvent free synthesis of 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones reaction pathway is presented. The superiorities of this method are higher conversion rate, shorter ...  Read More

Review Article
A Review on Green Polymer Binder-based Electrodes and Electrolytes for All Solid-State Li-ion batteries

Adhigan Murali; Saravanan Ashok Vallal; Mohan Sakar; R. Ramesh; M. Devendiran; N. Suthanthira Vanitha

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-9


  It is not an exaggerated fact that the whole world relies on the energy storage systems such as Li-ion batteries (LIBs). Li-ion batteries have been widely used in electric vehicles and electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, etc. However, the commercial Li-ion batteries have many issues associated ...  Read More

Research Article
Spectrophotometric Determination of Curcumin after Preconcentration by Ultrasonic Assisted Supramolecular Dispersive Liquid-liquid Microextraction based on Solidification of Floating Organic Drops using Taguchi Design Method

Ardeshir Shokrollahi; Samira Hessampour

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-8


  In this paper, the Taguchi orthogonal design was applied to optimize the extraction efficiencies for the determination of curcumin, after the separation and preconcenteration by supramolecular based-ultrasonic assisted-dispersion solidification liquid-liquid microextraction (SM-UA-DSLLME) procedure coupled ...  Read More

Research Article Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Gd-Doped ZnO Nanorods

Pramod Kumar Yadawa; Navin Chaurasiya; Sachin Rai

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-6


  All the elastic, mechanical and thermal properties of Gd-doped ZnO nanorods (NRs) have studied using interaction potential model. Gd-doped ZnO nanorods are hexagonal wurtzite structure. The characteristic features of elastic characteristics of Gd-doped ZnO NRs imply that this is mechanically stable. ...  Read More

Research Article Carbon Materials and Technology
Synthesis Tuning for Manufacturing Carbon Hybrid Materials

Sung Yong Kim; Megha Chitranshi; Anuptha Pujari; Vianessa Ng; Ashley Kubley; Ronald Hudepohl; Vesselin Shanov; Devanathan Anantharaman; Daniel Chen; Devika Chauhan; Mark Schulz

Volume 12, Issue 11 , December 2021, Pages 1-8


  The overall hypothesis for this paper is that accurately tuning the gas phase pyrolysis synthesis process and using appropriate raw materials will enable manufacturing different types of carbon hybrid materials (CHM). Optimizing multiple variables including particle melting and vaporization temperatures, ...  Read More