Ashutosh Tiwari; Ashutosh Tiwari;Songjun Li

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 720-720


  We are pleased to publish the 4 volume, 10th issue, 2013 of Advanced Materials Letters, a monthly international journal that is intended to provide top-quality peer-reviewed articles in the fascinating field of materials science particularly in the area of structure, synthesis and processing, characterization, ...  Read More

Surface Affinity Of Graphene For Health, Energy And Environmental Safety Applications

Jyoti Tyagi;Rita Kakkar

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 721-736


  This review focuses on the applications of graphene, and the effects of doping and functionalization on its properties. Though known for several years, the potential applications of graphene in various fields have only been recently realized. Remarkable research is going on in the various application ...  Read More

Application Of Mesoporous Anatase TiO2 Microspheres For Dye Sensitized Solar Cell On Flexible Titani
Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 737-741


  In the preset study dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) have been fabricated on a flexible titanium metal foil substrate with mesoporous anatase Titania microsphers (TMS) as the electron transport layer for photo anode. These microspheres perform dual function of light scattering and efficient dye absorption. ...  Read More

Surface Modification Of Ramie Fibers Using Microwave Assisted Graft Copolymerization Followed By Brevibacillus Parabrevis Pretreatment

Susheel Kalia; Hemmant Mittal;Amit Kumar; Renu Sheoran

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 742-748


  Ramie fibers usually display poor interfacial adhesion when reinforced in hydrophobic polymer matrices. Hydrophilic nature of natural fibers becomes the most crucial issue in composites engineering. Surface modification of natural fibers has been found to be very effective in improving the fiber-matrix ...  Read More

Synthesis And Characterization Of CuO Electrospum Nanofiber Using Poly(vinyl Acetate)/Cu(CH3COO)2 Annealing Method

Seema Sharma; Rashmi Rani; Radheshyam Rai; T. S. Natarajan

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 749-753


  One dimensional nanofibers of organic and inorganic materials have been used in filters, optoelectronic devices, sensors etc. It is difficult to obtain ultra fine fibers of inorganic materials having lengths in the order of millimeter as they tend to break during formation due to thermal and other mechanical ...  Read More

Cyclic Oxidation Behavior Of Bare And Cr3C2-25 (NiCr) Coated Super Alloy At Elevated Temperature

Sanjeet Kumar; Deepa Mudgal; Surendra Singh; Satya Prakash

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 754-761


  High temperature oxidation is the main cause for the degradation of materials used at elevated temperature which is responsible for the major shut down of turbines, boilers and incinerators used in large units. An attempt has been made to use Cr3C2-25%NiCr coating deposited by D-gun technique on Superni ...  Read More

Photo-oxidative Degradation Of Polybenzimidazole Derivative Membrane

Omkar S. Kushwaha; C. V. Avadhani; R. P. Singh

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 762-768


  High temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (HTPEMFCs) are energy efficient systems with the potential to address all energy issues of present and future generations. Polybenzimidazole (PBI) based high temperature fuel cells are subject of high importance because PBI membranes are proved ...  Read More

Adsorption Studies Of Acetaldehyde On TiO2 Nanosurface

Ritu Gaba; Mamta Bhandari; Rita Kakkar

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 769-778


  The present work deals with the adsorption of acetaldehyde, one of the most harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), on the TiO2 anatase nanosurface. The research was undertaken due to environmental concerns, as the TiO2 nanosurface serves as an excellent catalyst for the adsorption and decomposition ...  Read More

Sunlight Induced Rapid Synthesis And Kinetics Of Silver Nanoparticles Using Leaf Extract Of Achyranthes Aspera L. And Their Antimicrobial Applications

T. Peter Amaladhas; M. Usha; S. Naveen

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 779-785


  Sunlight induced strategy for the rapid green synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) is reported for the first time using aqueous leaf extract of Achyranthes aspera. On exposing a mixture of silver nitrate solution and aqueous leaf extract of A. aspera to sunlight, stable silver nanoparticles were ...  Read More

Morphological And Impedance Studies In Diluted Mn-doped CdS Nanocomposites

P. Venkatesu; K. Ravichandran; B. K. Reddy

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 786-791


  Nanocrystalline samples of Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) were prepared with different Manganese (Mn) doping concentrations (0-10 at.%) through chemical route using thiophenol as a capping agent. Fourier Tranform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) study disclosed the presence of capping agent on the surface of the ...  Read More

Trivalent Rare Earth Activated SrCaAl2O5 Phosphor For White Light-emtting Diode

A.N. Yerpude;S.J. Dhoble

Volume 4, Issue 10 , October 2013, Pages 792-796


  Eu 3+ , Dy 3+ activated SrCaAl2O5 phosphor were synthesized by the combustion method at 550°C. The prepared phosphor characterized by X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence measurements. The photoluminescence study of Eu 3+ doped phosphor shows that the intensity of electric dipole transition ( ...  Read More