Advanced Materials World Congress, Turkey

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 655-655

  We are glad to organise Advanced Materials Word Congress (AMWC, together with the International Association of Advanced Materials ( and hosted by the Ä°zmir Institute of Technology in the beautiful coastal town ÇeÅŸme, Turkey at ...  Read More

Spectroscopic And Morphological Analysis Of Graphene Vinylester Nanocomposites

Anupama Chaturvedi; Ashutosh Tiwari; Atul Tiwari

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 656-661

  This communication describes the development of graphene and graphene reinforced polyvinylester nanocomposites. Low concentration of graphene was incorporated in the polymer matrix with the help of two different solvents. The role of solvent in the nanocomposite was studied. The FTIR spectroscopy and ...  Read More

Synthesis Of ZnO Nanoparticles For Microwaveinduced Rapid Catalytic Decolorization Of Congo Red Dye

Oman Zuas; Harry Budiman; Nuryatini Hamim

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 662-667

  The ZnO nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) were synthesized by co-precipitating method followed by calcining at 500 o C for 4 h. The characterization data show that the synthesized ZnO NPs were present in hexagonal wurtzite structure and space group P63mc with high purity and good crystalline nature. The synthesized ...  Read More

Experimental Finding Of Initiation Fracture Toughness And FEM Simulation Of Fracture Behaviour Of UFG 7075 Al Alloy

Prosenjit Das; R. Jayaganthan; I. V. Singh

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 668-681

  The present work describes an experimental evaluation of yield strength, tensile strength, initiation fracture toughness and Finite element simulations of fracture behaviour for both bulk and ultrafine-grained (UFG) 7075 Al Alloy. The 7075 Al alloy has been rolled for different thickness reductions (40%, ...  Read More

Magnetic Study Of Nano-crystalline Cobalt Substituted Mg-Mn Ferrites Processed Via Solution Combustion Technique

Gagan Kumar; Ritu Rani; Vijayender Singh; Sucheta Sharma; Khalid M. Batoo; M. Singh

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 682-687

  Co 2+ substituted Mg-Mn nanoferrites having formulae Mg0.9Mn0.1CoxFe2-xO4, where x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2 & 0.3, have been prepared for the first time by solution combustion technique. The magnetic properties of nanoferrites such as M-H, initial permeability (μi) and magnetic loss tangent (tan δ) ...  Read More

Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Activity Of Transition Metal Complexes Of Ascorbic Acid Encapsulated In Fly Ash Based Zeolite

T. Peter Amaladhas; S. Sheeba Thavamani

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 688-695

  A new route for the utilization of fly ash has been formulated. X-type zeolite has been synthesized from fly ash by alkali fusion followed by hydrothermal treatment. Ascorbic acid was used as a ligand for the synthesis of metal complexes of copper, nickel and vanadium encapsulated in the super cages ...  Read More

Effect Of Morphology On Thermal Stability Of Core-shell Polyaniline/TiO2 Nanocomposites

Ameena Parveen; Aashis S. Roy

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 696-701

  Polyaniline/TiO2 nanocomposites have been prepared by sol-gel technique using citric acid and saturated solution of α-dextrose as a surfactant in presence of hydroxyl group at an anomeric position in sugar chain. The FTIR spectrum indicates the benzenoid, quinoid and MO peaks confirm the formation ...  Read More

Facile Synthesis Of Eco-friendly Cu-hydrotalcite Catalysts For Highly Selective Synthesis Of Furfural Diethyl Acetal And Benzoin Ethyl Ether

Kai Yan; Jiayou Liao; Xu Wu; Xianmei Xie

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 702-707

  A series of eco-friendly Cu-hydrotalcite (HT) catalysts (Cu-Fe, Cu-Al, Cu-Cr) were facilely and successfully synthesized by a modified co-precipitation method. The as-prepared Cu-hydrotalcite catalysts were highly selective for the synthesis of Anchorvalue-added furfural diethyl acetal and Anchorbenzoin ...  Read More

Polypropylene-nanoclay Composites Containing Flame Retardant Additive: Thermal Stability And Kinetic Study In Inert Atmosphere

Narender Kumar; J. B. Dahiya

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 708-713

  Thermal degradation and stability of polypropylene-nanoclay composites containing organic phosphinate (OP) and ammonium polyphosphate (AP) flame retardants with maximum total 20 per cent loading was carried out using thermogravimetry (TG) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analyses in inert ...  Read More

Preparation And Characterization Of Cellulose Derived From Rice Husk For Drug Delivery

S. K. Shukla; G. C. Dubey;Ashutosh Tiwari; Anand Bharadvaja

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, Pages 714-719

  Cellulose has been the extracted from rice husk by chemical treatment with aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide. The physical properties of derived cellulose (water uptake and swelling behavior) has been investigated with view of different applications. The morphology and chemical structure were investigated ...  Read More