Eu 3+ , Dy 3+ activated SrCaAl2O5 phosphor were synthesized by the combustion method at 550°C. The prepared phosphor characterized by X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence measurements. The photoluminescence study of Eu 3+ doped phosphor shows that the intensity of electric dipole transition ( 5 D0→ 7 F2) at 615 nm dominates over that of magnetic dipole transition ( 5 D0→ 7 F1) at 596 nm under 395nm excitation. The PL emission spectrum of Dy 3+ ion at 350nm excitation gives an emission band at 484 nm (blue) and 575 nm (yellow). The optimum concentration of both the dopant having highest luminescence intensity is found to be 0.5 mole %. The obtained PL results indicated that prepared phosphor is suitable as near UV excited white light-emitting diodes.