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Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Conference Series

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 752-753


  International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM, www.iaamonline.org) is pleased to announce Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Conference Series in Asia, Europe and America with collaboration of VBRI Press AB, Sweden (www.vbripress.com). The conference aims to provide a forum to promote scientific ...  Read More

Photocatalytic oxidation of aromatic amines using MnO2@g-C3N4

Sanny Verma;Rajender S. Varma

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 754-756


  An efficient and direct oxidation of aromatic amines to aromatic azo-compounds has been achieved using a MnO2@g-C3N4 catalyst under visible light as a source of energy at room temperature.   Read More

Low temperature rf-sputtered thermochromic VO2 films on flexible glass substrates

Emmanouil Gagaoudakis; Giannis Michail; Elias Aperathitis; Ioannis Kortidis; Vassilios Binas; Marianthi Panagopoulou; Yannis S. Raptis; Dimitris Tsoukalas; George Kiriakidis

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 757-761


  The high deposition temperature of the order of 400 o C and more is requirement for the growth of the thermochromic phase of vanadium dioxide (VO2), limits the type of substrates that one may grow them on only to rigid ones. In this work, thermochromic VO2 films were successfully deposited on flexible ...  Read More

Polypyrrole-Pd nanocomposites modified gold electrode for electrochemical detection of ascorbic acid

Nitin R. Dighore; Suresh T. Gaikwad; Anjali S. Rajbhoj

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 762-767


  The fabrication of an electrochemical sensor based on polypyrrole-Pd nanocomposites modified gold electrode (PPy-Pd-AuE) and its electrodetection of ascorbic acid is described. The PPy-Pd nanocomposites were synthesized by chemical method and characterized by different techniques. The Pd nanoparticles ...  Read More

Magnetic, thermal and magnetocaloric properties of Ni50Mn35In14.5B0.5 ribbons

Sudip Pandey; Abdiel Quetz; P. J. Ibarra-Gaytan; C. F. Sanchez-Valdes; Anil Aryal; Igor Dubenko; Dipanjan Mazumdar; J.L. Sanchez Llamazares; Shane Stadler; Naushad Ali

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 768-772


  The structural, thermal, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties of Ni50Mn35In14.5B0.5 melt-spun ribbons have been investigated using room-temperature x-ray diffraction (XRD), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and magnetization measurements. Magnetic and structural transitions were found to coincide ...  Read More

Microwave-assisted: Boron nitride nanomaterials based sulfonic acid catalyst for the synthesis of biologically active ethylpiperazinyl-quinolinyl fused acridine derivatives

Arul Murugesan; Robert M Gengan; Kandasamy G Moodley; Gerhard Gericke

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 773-782


  Boron nitride nanomaterial based solid acid catalyst is an efficient and reusable sulfonic acid catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of 9-(2-(4-ethylpiperazin-1-yl)quinolin-3-yl)-3,3-dimethyl-3,4,9,10-tetrahydroacridin-1(2H)-one derivatives under microwave irradiation conditionsvia. The Knoevenagel and ...  Read More

A high energy 3V lithium-ion capacitor synthesized via electrostatic spray deposition

Richa Agrawal; Chunhui Chen; Samantha Dages; Chunlei Wang

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 783-790


  Reduced graphene oxide-carbon nanotube (rGO-CNT) and anatase TiO2-Li4Ti5O12 (ATO-LTO) composite electrodes were synthesized via electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) and analyzed as cathode and anode vs. lithium, respectively.  The rGO-CNT and ATO-LTO electrodes were able to deliver discharge ...  Read More

Synthesis and performance of La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 cathode for solid oxide fuel cells

Pankaj K. Tiwari; Suddhasatwa Basu

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 791-798


  In the present work, different synthesis methods i.e., sol-gel method, glycine-nitrate method and solid state route have been used to synthesize lanthanum strontium cobaltite (LSCO), which is utilized as cathode in low and intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Calcination temperature ...  Read More

Preparation of dense BaxSr1-xCo0.8Fe0.2O3 membranes: Effect of Ba2+ substituents and sintering method to the density, hardness and thermal expansion coefficient of the membranes  

Hamzah Fansuri; Muhammad I. Syafi

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 799-806


  The aims of this research are to study the sintering technique during the production of BaxSr1-xCo0.8Fe0.2O3-δ (BSCF) membranes and to obtain information about the correlation between Ba 2+ substituent with membrane’s density, hardness and thermal expansion coefficient. BSCF with x = 0.5, ...  Read More

Tape casting and lost carbonate sintering processes for production of heat sinks for portable electronics   

Mosalagae Mosalagae; Russell Goodall; Mohammed Elbadawi

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 807-812


  Porous copper was fabricated by means of a powder metallurgy process applied to tape casting. Lost Carbonate Sintering (LCS) was employed to control porosity within the component during processing. The weight ratio of the potassium carbonate introduced into the matrix ranged from 30-40 wt%. Additives ...  Read More

Synthesis, characterization and photovoltaics studies of 3-alkylthienyl thiophene based polymers prepared via direct arylation polymerization

Geeta Saini; Vandna Luthra;R. P. Tandon; Vishal Sharma

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2017, Pages 813-818


  The synthesis and characterization of two novel 3-thienyl based polythiophene derivatives PT and BT have been presented. These polymers have been synthesized by convenient and ecofriendly Pd catalyzed direct arylation polymerization method. In these polymers the alkyl side chain has been replaced by ...  Read More