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Researcher of the Year 2020-To Recognize the Significant Efforts for COVID-19

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-9


  In this pandemic year, International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) has endeavoured to recognize the best efforts of researchers for their overall efforts to combat COVID-19 in order to select the recipient of the prestigious title of ‘Researcher of the Year’. As an international ...  Read More

Professor Prasad Yarlagadda’s Research Well Adopted as per needs of Engineering Industry

YuanTong Gu

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-1


  I know Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda for around 15 years since  I joined Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane as Lecturer in 2007. I still remembered that Prasad welcomed me to QUT in my first day commencing in QUT. At that time, he was leading Built Environment Engineering (BEE) Faculty ...  Read More

Review Article
The Perspective of a Homogenization Approach for Effective Local and Non-local Response of the Elastic Wave Properties of Phononic Metamaterials

J. Flores-Méndez; R. Pérez Cuapio; C. Bueno Avendaño; Martín Hernández-Ordoñez; M. Aparicio Razo; F. Candia García; I. Vivaldo-De la Cruz; R. C. Ambrosio Lázaro; B. Zenteno-Mateo

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-7


  This review summarizes progress about a recent homogenization theory based on the Fourier formalism for solid phononic crystals, which is valid for arbitrary Bravais lattice and any form of inclusions in the unit cell. The theory provides explicit expressions for the tensors of the effective nonlocal ...  Read More

Research Article
Reactor Cycling of Granulated Ca(OH)2 Encapsulated with Chemically Modified Semipermeable Shell Materials

Klaus Afflerbach; Sandra Afflerbach; Reinhard Trettin; Wolfgang Krumm

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-10


  One major scientific challenge is a shift of the energy generation and utilization towards sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, thermochemical heat storage concepts offer a promising contribution as for example by integration in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) applications. The reaction system Ca(OH)2/CaO ...  Read More

Research Article
Nanotoxicological Assessments to Warranty the use of Functionalized Y2O3 Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

D. Chávez-García; K. Juarez-Moreno; R. Reyes; J. Barrera; G. A. Hirata

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-9


  This study is a summary of our results on synthesis, functionalization and biomedical application of luminescent lanthanide doped nanoparticles with Y2O3 as host lattice. The nanoparticles (NPs) studied were Y2O3 and Y2O3: Eu 3+ and they are water-monodispersed, synthesized by the sol-gel method and ...  Read More

Research Article
Comparison of Photocatalytic Efficiency of TiO2 and In2S3 Thin Films under UV and Visible Light Irradiance

Alphonsa Paul; Jilu C. John; Saji Augustine; Tina Sebastian; Ardhra Joy; Juliya Joy; Tintu Maria Michael; Akhila K.S.

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-7


  We use simple, cost effective deposition techniques of doctor blading and chemical bath deposition to synthesize uniformly dispersed nanoparticle thin films of Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and mesh fractal thin films Indium sulphide (In2S3) respectively. The resulting microstructures and phase composition ...  Read More

Research Article
Application of Rice Husk Ash as Thermal Insulation Materials

Chee Wah Loy; Khamirul Amin Matori; M.M. Haslinawati; Mohd Hafiz Mohd Zaid; Norhazlin Zainnudin

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-5


  A low thermal diffusivity SiO2-based ceramic was fabricated by sintering Malaysia agricultural waste rice husk at 800 °C. This paper presents the effect of sintering temperatures on the phase transformation, microstructure and thermal diffusivity of rice husk ash (RHA) as a thermal insulating ...  Read More

Research Article
Synthesis and Characterization of Green CuO using Centella Asiatica Plant Leaf Extract: Electrochemical and Photocatalytic Activities

K. Rudresha; A. Zahir Hussain; Ravikumar C. R.; M. R. Anil Kumar; Nagaswarupa H. P.; M. S. Santosh; H. C. Ananda Murthy

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-6


  The green CuO NPs were successfully synthesised by green solution combustion method. The average crystallite size of green solution combustion CuO nanoparticles (gsc-CONPs) was found to be 40.64 nm and confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) analysis. The UV-DRS spectrum revealed average energy ...  Read More

Research Article
Dielectric Relaxation and Suitability of Scaling parameters study on Mn0.7+xZn0.3SixFe2-2xO4 (x = 0.0 - 0.3) Ferrites

Nimish H. Vasoya; Kiran G. Saija; Akshay R. Makadiya; Tushar K. Pathak; Urmila M. Meshiya; Pooja Y. Raval; Kunal B. Modi

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-8


  The compositional dependence of the real (ε') and imaginary (ε'') parts of complex dielectric permittivity (ε*) and loss tangent (tan d) for Mn0.7+xZn0.3SixFe2-2xO4 (x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3) spinel ferrite series was investigated over wide frequency (f = 20 Hz to 1 MHz) and ...  Read More

Research Article
Synthesis and Screen Printing of Dopant Free Nano-crystalline SnO2 (101) Thick Film for Gas Sensor Application

Anil D. Garje; Manoj Mayaji Ovhal; Shweta Mishra; Namrata Bagwe

Volume 11, Issue 12 , December 2020, Pages 1-7


  Nano-crystalline tin (II) oxide (SnO2) was successfully synthesized by a simple and cost-effective surfactant assisted solution precipitation technique. The structural, optical, and morphological characterization of as synthesized nano-crystalline SnO2 was confirmed by X-Ray diffraction (XRD), ultraviolet-visible ...  Read More