Motivated by recent studies in multilayer system of dielectric background, we analytically studied the coulomb drag effect in hetero-junction of GaAs system, which consist a non-homogeneous dielectric background. By considering the weak interaction in static case, the effective dielectric function is evaluated by using Random Phase Approximation (RPA) method as RPA is a reliable study for high density regime. The effective coulomb interaction cause of electron-electron interaction in the Boltzmann regime and at low temperature limit is considered. Dependency of layer separation is effectively described by local form factor has been taken into account in effective dielectric function, the local form factor is obtained from the solution of the Poisson equation of a three-layer dielectric medium with GaAs sheets. Drag resistivity is measured numerically and analytically, where temperature and density dependence are investigated and compared to 2DEG-2DEG double-layer structures theoretically and experimentally at very low temperature.

Graphical Abstract

Coulomb Drag of Electron-Electron Interactions in GaAs Bilayer with a Non Homogeneous Dielectric Background