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Composite Materials
Preparation of Bacterial Nanocellulose-Hydroxyapatite Composite

Anna Kutová; Ondřej Kvítek; Klaudia Hurtuková; Václav Švorčík

Volume 13, Issue 4 , October 2022


  Nowadays, new materials for the preparation of synthetic bone grafts are being sought after. Bones consist mainly of collagen fibres and hydroxyapatite crystals, so using synthetic grafts with a similar structure is logical. Therefore, a composite material was prepared by adding hydroxyapatite particles ...  Read More

Preparation of Bacterial Nanocellulose-Hydroxyapatite Composite

Nanosecond Laser Surface Patterning of Ti6Al4V Bio-alloy for Improved Biological Performance

Sunita Kedia; Shazia Shaikh; Ananda G. Majumdar; Mahesh Subramanian; A. K. Sahu; Sucharita Sinha

Volume 10, Issue 11 , November 2019, , Pages 825-831


  Biological performances such as osseointegration and biocompatibility of Ti6Al4V alloy primarily depends on topological and chemical properties of the surface of the bio-material. Here, a nanosecond pulsed Nd:YAG laser has been used to generate microstructures on Ti6Al4V surface by irradiating with 6000 ...  Read More

Nanosecond Laser Surface Patterning of Ti6Al4V Bio-alloy for Improved Biological Performance

Mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite scaffolds produced by gel-casting and combination gel-casting/polymer foams infiltration

Jazmín I. González; Diana M. Escobar; Claudia P. Ossa

Volume 9, Issue 4 , April 2018, , Pages 266-274


  Hydroxyapatite is one of the appropriate materials for hard tissue engineering because it is the inorganic structural constituent of bones and teeth, and hydroxyapatite has been evaluated to compare the mechanical properties, processing as scaffolds to evaluate the influence of porosity, since the elastic ...  Read More

Mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite scaffolds produced by gel-casting and combination gel-casting/polymer foams infiltration

Porous hydroxyapatite scaffolds fabricated from nano-sized powder via honeycomb extrusion

Mohammed Elbadawi; James Meredith; Mosalagae Mosalagae; Ian M. Reaney

Volume 8, Issue 4 , April 2017, , Pages 377-385


  In this study, we have developed hydroxyapatite (HA) scaffolds for synthetic bone graft from nano-sized HA particles using ceramic extrusion. We also demonstrate that these HA scaffolds show enhanced compressive strength (29.4 MPa), whilst possessing large pore sizes (> 600 µm) that are suitable ...  Read More

Sintering And Characterization Of A Hydroxya-patite Matrix And Hydroxyapatite Matrix Nano-composites

Nelson H. A. Camargo; Eliakim E. G. de Borba; Priscila F. Franczak; Enori Gemelli

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, , Pages 19-23


  Microporous calcium phosphate biomaterials are known for their physical and biological applications. Among the best known are the stoichiometric hydroxyapatite (HA) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP). This is because these biomaterials exhibit chemical and crystallographic compositions which are similar ...  Read More

A Prototype Synthesis And Characterization Of Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics Nanocrystallites

Pramod N. Jagadale; Pramod P. Jagtap; Meghnad G. Joshi; Sambhaji R. Bamane

Volume 7, Issue 4 , April 2016, , Pages 325-329


  Novel porous bioactive hydroxyapatite (HAP) nanocrystallites were synthesized by auto-combustion technique. The texture properties of the HAP nanopowder were determined through series of characterization techniques. The thermal decomposition behaviour and required sintering temperature of citrate precursor ...  Read More

Properties Of Novel Bone Hemostat By Random Co-polymer Of Ethylene Oxide And Propylene Oxide With sugar-containing Hydroxyapatite

Eri Shima; Yoshiro Musha;Kiyoshi Itatani; Tomohiro Umeda

Volume 7, Issue 2 , February 2016, , Pages 90-94


  Novel hemostatic agents were prepared using (i) phosphoryl oligosaccharides of calcium (POs-Ca ® 45 and POs-Ca ® 50 with calcium contents being 4.5 and 5.0 mass %, respectively), (ii) sugar-containing hydroxyapatites (s-Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2; s-HAp) obtained by the hydrolyses of POs-Ca ® 45 and ...  Read More

Effect Of The Granulation Of Starting Powder On Superplastic Deformation Of Hydroxyapatite

Ryo Yamazaki; Yoshio Sakka;Kiyoshi Itatani; Koji Morita

Volume 7, Issue 2 , February 2016, , Pages 130-135


  The effect of the granulation of starting powder on the superplasticity of hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, HAp) specimen was examined; the tensile elongation of specimen at high temperature was measured in order to evaluate the superplastic deformation. The translucent ceramics were fabricated using ...  Read More

A Facile Strategy To Elute Amoxicillin In A Controlled Way From Hydroxyapatite-gelatin Composite

K. Sangeetha; Y. Yokogawa; E.K. Girija

Volume 6, Issue 12 , December 2015, , Pages 1031-1036


  In recent decades bone infection is one of the most challenging issues encountered in biomedical field and local antibiotic delivery is a key strategy to overcome this issue. Hence developing bioactive materials in combination with antibiotics is much focused recently for bone substitutes. Here we report ...  Read More

Biomimetic Ion Substituted Hydroxyapatite Coating On Surgical Grade 316L SS For Implant Applications

K. Prem Ananth; Sujin P. Jose; A. Joseph Nathanael; Tae Hwan Oh; D. Mangalaraj; A. M. Ballamurugan

Volume 6, Issue 11 , November 2015, , Pages 984-989


  In this paper, we have reported a successful synthesis of ionic substituted (Si, Sr and Zn) hydroxyapatite (HAp) using chemical precipitation method and the coating of the synthesized materials on surgical grade 316 L SS using electrophoretic deposition technique. The structural, compositional, functional ...  Read More

Gas Sensing and Dielectric Studies on Cobalt Doped Hydroxyapatite thick films

Megha P. Mahabole; Ravindra U. Mene;Rajendra S. Khairnar

Volume 4, Issue 1 , January 2013, , Pages 46-52


  This present paper deals with the investigation on effective utilization of cobalt doped hydroxyapatite (Co-HAp) thick films for improvement in gas sensing and dielectric properties. Chemical precipitation route is used for synthesis of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (HAp) bioceramic and ion exchange ...  Read More

A Facile Fabrication Of Hydroxyapatite In Vitro Using Polymer Fasciculus As Biotemplate Carrier

Tao Yan; Dong Wei; Xianpeng Zheng; Xiaodong Xin; Nuo Zhang; Dan Wu; Liangguo Yan; He Li; Bin Du; Qin Wei

Volume 1, Issue 2 , September 2010, , Pages 106-113


  For biomimetic synthesis of hydroxyapatite by simulating biomineralization, the polyamide 66 (PA 66) was used as biotemplate carrier, and the biotemplate was prepared by the adsorption of AOT surfactants at interfaces of polymer fasciculus. Simulating biomineralization was carried out at physiological ...  Read More

Studies On The Interaction Of DNA With Vitamin B12 Based On The Immobilization Of DsDNA On Nano-scale Hydroxyapatite Coating

Nuo Zhang; Caixia Xu; Qin Wei; Bin Du; Ru Li; Tianguo Zhang; Dan Wu; Yuxue Dai

Volume 1, Issue 1 , June 2010, , Pages 34-39


  Nano-scale hydroxyapatite (HAp) was prepared by combining co-precipitation with microemulsion method, which exhibited strong adsorption for DNA due to its excellent biocompatibility and particular adsorbability. DNA and HAp could be modified onto glassy carbon electrode (GCE) by the simple and convenient ...  Read More