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Experimental Techniques
Effect of closely spaced knots on the failure mechanism of timber beams

Khaled Saad; Andras Lengyel

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2022


  This research presents a parametric three-dimensional finite element study on the effects of closely spaced knots and related fibre deviations on the flexural failure mechanism of wood. The model considers the effects of the position of the knots along the beam's longitudinal and vertical axis. The numerical ...  Read More

Simulation of LPG Pressure Vessel under Fire Engulfment

Prabhjot Singh Virdi; Gulab Pamnani

Volume 12, Issue 5 , May 2021, , Pages 1-4


  Liquefied Petroleum Gases [LPG] are flammable mixtures of gases such as propane and butane mainly which is transported and stored in liquid phase in storage vessels under amply pressure. These industrial processes are of high fire and explosion hazard. When a vessel carrying LPG is damaged, an abrupt ...  Read More

Simulation of LPG Pressure Vessel under Fire Engulfment

Experimental Finding Of Initiation Fracture Toughness And FEM Simulation Of Fracture Behaviour Of UFG 7075 Al Alloy

Prosenjit Das; R. Jayaganthan; I. V. Singh

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2013, , Pages 668-681


  The present work describes an experimental evaluation of yield strength, tensile strength, initiation fracture toughness and Finite element simulations of fracture behaviour for both bulk and ultrafine-grained (UFG) 7075 Al Alloy. The 7075 Al alloy has been rolled for different thickness reductions (40%, ...  Read More