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 Advanced Materials World Congress, Sweden

Ashutosh Tiwari

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 370-370


  Dear Reader, We are pleased to announce next Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC), 23-26 August, 2015, www.vbripress.com/amwc. It is a four-day international event organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials and sponsored by the VBRI Press, which usually meets every two-year. ...  Read More

Effect Of Substrate Temperature On Nanocrystalline CeO2 Thin Films Deposited On Si Substrate By RF Magnetron Sputtering

Preetam Singh; K. M. K. Srivatsa;Sourav Das

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 371-376


  Single oriented nanocrystalline CeO2 thin films have been deposited over Si (100) substrate by RF magnetron sputtering in the temperature range 600-700 o C, using CeO2 target. X-ray diffraction pattern for the as deposited CeO2 film at 700 o C shows the dominant (111) orientation with corresponding FWHM ...  Read More

 Fabrication And Plasmonic Characterization Of Au Nanowires With Controlled Surface Morphology

Ina Schubert; Wilfried Sigle; Loic Burr; Peter A. van Aken; Christina Trautmann; Maria Eugenia Toimil-Molares

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 377-382


  Gold nanowires are attracting great attention due to their ability to sustain surface plasmons and are thus promising candidates for sensing applications such as surface enhanced Raman and infrared spectroscopy. Controlling all nanowire parameters is crucial to adjust the resonance wavelengths and to ...  Read More

Tuning Of Optical Properties Of Glass By Embedding Silver Nanoparticles

Annu Sharma; Jyoti Rozra; Isha Saini

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 383-390


  In the present work, effects of annealing temperature on structural and optical properties of silver-glass nanocomposites synthesized by the combined use of ion-exchange and subsequent thermal annealing in air have been investigated using Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), UV–Visible absorption ...  Read More

How Ethanol Treatment Affects The Physico-chemical And Biological Characteristics Of Silk Fibroin Nanofibrous Scaffolds

Mazaher Gholipourmalekabadi; Masoud Mozafari; Mojgan Bandehpour; Marzieh Sameni; Hossein Ghanbarian

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 391-394


  In this study, the effects of ethanol treatment on the mechanical and biological characteristics of the nanofibrous silk fibroin (NSF) scaffolds were evaluated. The results obtained from the mechanical tests confirmed that ethanol treatment significantly enhanced the physical properties of the scaffolds ...  Read More

Characterisation And Dielectric Property Analysis  of A-site Doped LaTiO3-δ Perovskites Synthesised by Ball Milling Method

Bradha Madhavan; Anuradha Ashok

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 395-401


  The present work highlights a series of perovskites La0.8A0.2TiO3-δ, (where A= Ba, Ca, Sr), which includes a high dielectric constant, a low dielectric loss over a wide temperature, in a frequency range of 30 MHZ. Undoped and A-site doped LaTiO3-δ (with Ba 2+ , Sr 2+ and Ca 2+ ) perovskites ...  Read More

 Surface And Thermoluminescence Study Of Dy3+ Doped Sr3B2O6 Nanocrystalline Phosphor

Vinay Kumar; Jitendra Sharma; O.M. Ntwaeaborwa; H.C. Swart

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 402-406


  In this letter, the thermoluminescence response and surface properties of Sr3B2O6:Dy 3+ nanophosphor prepared by combustion method exposed to γ–rays are reported. The crystalline structure of nanophosphors was confirmed by X-ray powder diffraction. The result indicates rhombohedral nanocrystalline ...  Read More

Development Of Lysine Biosensor Based On Core Shell Magnetic Nanoparticle And Multiwalled Carbon nanotube Composite

Jagriti Narang; Utkarsh Jain; Nitesh Malhotra; Sandeep Singh; Nidhi Chauhan

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 407-413


  An amperometric lysine biosensor was fabricated by immobilizing lysine oxidase onto core shell magnetic nanoparticles (Core–shell MNPs)/multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) layer deposited on Au electrode via carbodiimide linkage. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) for core–shell MNPs, ...  Read More

Oxidative Synthesis And Electrochemical Studies Of Poly(aniline-co-pyrrole)-hybrid Carbon Nanostructured Composite Electrode Materials For Supercapacitor

Ashok Kumar Sharma; Preetam Bhardwaj; Sundeep Kumar Dhawan; Yashpal Sharma

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 414-420


  A novel study on conducting polymers based composites involving hybrid carbon nanostructure assemblage of graphene, amine functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes and poly(aniline-co-pyrrole) has been done. The composites were synthesized by oxidative polymerization of 1:1 mixture of aniline and pyrrole ...  Read More

Inverted Ternary Bulk Hetrojunction Hybrid Photovoltaic Device Based On AgInSe2 –polymer Blend As Absorber And PEDOT: PSS As Hole Transport Layer

Dinesh Pathak; Tomas Wagner; Tham Adhikari; J.M. Nunzi

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 421-424


  For the first time Inverted ternary bulk hetrojunction hybrid photovoltaic device based on AgInSe2 – polymer blend as absorber and PEDOT:PSS as hole transport layer was fabricated and characterized. Blends of MDMOPVV.PCBM.AIS (MDMOPVV-Poly[2-methoxy-5-(3′,7′-dimethyloctyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene], ...  Read More

 Optical Properties Of Ion Exchanged And Swift Heavy Ion Beam Treated Silicate Glasses

Ranjana S. Varma; D.C. Kothari; A.K. Mallik; A. Bhatnagar; D. Kanjilal; S. Santra; R.G. Thomas; R. Tewari; S. Neogy; G.K. Dey

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 425-431


  Silver ion exchanges on silicate glasses were carried out at different temperatures 320 °C, 400 °C, and 500 °C for 60 min. The exchanged glasses were either annealed at 500 °C for 60 min or swift heavy ion (SHI) irradiated using 120 MeV Ag 9+ ions at a fluence of 5 x 10 12 ions/cm 2 . ...  Read More

Noval Approach For Synthesis Sulfur (S-NPs) Nanoparticles Using Albizia Julibrissin Fruits Extract

Akl M. Awwad; Nidá M. Salem; Amany O. Abdeen

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 432-435


  Sulfur nanoparticles have been successfully prepared from sodium thiosulfate in the presence of Albizia julibrissin fruits extract at room temperature. The resulting sulfur nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and scanning electron ...  Read More

Growth And Characterization Of Large Grained Poly-Si Films Grown On Biaxially Textured Ni-W Substrate By Hot-wire CVD

Preetam Singh; K. M. K. Srivatsa; Sourav Das

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 436-441


  Polycrystalline Si (Poly-Si) film with highly crystalline nature, and having most of the grains in the range of 50-100 µm has been grown over biaxially textured Ni-W substrate by Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition technique, using a single buffer layer of CeO2 thin film. This result has been achieved ...  Read More

Effect Of Heavy Ion Irradiation At Low Temperature In Fe-14Cr-0.2Ti-0.3Y2O3

Sruthi Mohan; S. Balaji; S. Amirthapandian; C. David; B.K. Panigrahi

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 442-445


  Fe-14Cr-0.2Ti-0.3Y2O3, ODS alloy samples are irradiated with 880 keV Fe + ions at 230 K and 300 K upto a damage of 40 dpa at the surface. Transmission electron microscopy studies reveal a reduction in sizes of oxide dispersions in the ion irradiated alloys as compared to the as-prepared specimens; with ...  Read More

Quantum Chemical Studies Of Nitrogen Substitution On ZnO Nanoclusters Stability

S. Sriram; R. Chandiramouli; A. Thayumanavan

Volume 6, Issue 5 , May 2015, Pages 446-451


  Importance of p-type transparent conducting oxide (TCO) is much needed in the optoelectronics industry. Due to lack of intrinsic p-type TCO, it is necessary to design or tune the properties existing n-type TCO are very essential. This present work describes, n-type ZnO is tuned to p-type by doping of ...  Read More