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Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika 590 53, Sweden


The article commemorates the 15th anniversary of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), highlighting its pivotal role in advancing materials science, engineering, and technology. It outlines IAAM's journey towards integrating with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, European Green Deal and its leadership in establishing Net-Zero Research and Development World Links. The focus is on IAAM's vision, mission, organizational structure, and the diverse memberships that contribute to its global excellence. The article explores the significant contributions of IAAM members and fellows, emphasizing their role in propelling advancements in materials science and technology. Further, it discusses IAAM's critical function in promoting research and education, detailing its involvement in various institutes, events, consortiums, and the recognition it extends through prestigious awards. The article also showcases IAAM's impressive publication portfolio, reflecting its commitment to knowledge dissemination. As IAAM celebrates this milestone, the article reviews its historical activities and achievements, underlining its impact on shaping a sustainable and green future in the field of advanced materials.

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Celebrating 15th Anniversary of Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World


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