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Universidad Católica San Pablo, Arequipa, Perú, Campus Campiña Paisajista s/n Quinta Vivanco, Barrio de San Lázaro, Arequipa, Peru


The effect of the addition of alpaca fibers on the mechanical response of geopolymeric mortars was studied using uniaxial compression tests. The studied mortars were manufactured by mixing mining tailings, fine sand and variable percentages of alpaca wool fibers. The mechanical results show a higher degree of deformation, up to 6%, for the mortar mixtures with higher amounts of wool fiber in their composition, that is, the decrease in maximum compressive strength was demonstrated as the volume increased of added fibers, the values ​​were from 32 to 9 MPa for samples with 0 and 8 % Vol. of added fibers, respectively. On the other hand, studies of the real density and the average porosity were carried out, obtaining values ​​of 2.59 g/cm3 and 31 %, respectively. Additionally, the morphological analysis was carried out using microscopy in which a continuous binder geopolymer phase could be seen and within this phase a phase of sand and fibers.

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Synthesis and Mechanical Evaluation of Geopolymeric Mortars Reinforced with Alpaca Wool Fibers


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