AAF (Aluminium alloy foam) has turned out to be a beneficiary content in the automotive sector across the globe. It has been in applications due its light weight tendency and providing high strength and energy absorbing capacity. The content of paper marks a plot on the energy absorption capability of the AAF filled circular tubes. AlSi10Mg has been produced by the melt route method. Aluminium foam filled circular tubes, mild steel (MS) thin walled hollow tubes were tested under compression loading to note the energy absorption and deformation behavior. The compression was carried out with a strain rate of 0.1/s. FESEM tests was conducted to obtain the data at micro and macro levels. The test results portray that the foam filled circular tubes shows more energy absorption than the hollow (ERW) tubes at 0.1/s strain rate.

Graphical Abstract

Evaluation of mild steel hollow and foam filled circular tubes under axial loading