The development of sulfone-based macromolecules (polymer to dendrimers) has been inspired and prompted by much interesting importance of sulfone chemistry. Literature reveals that dendrimers are more demanding than the polymer in many aspects, because of its unique structural properties. Inspite of increasing importance and applications of dendrimers, it has a lot of hindrance regarding the tedious way of synthesis, which requires large excess of reagent and several problems in isolation. Therefore, time to time several tactics of synthesis has been developed. It was also well known that sulfonylation reaction is not only fast and easy to handle but also aryl sulfonylchloride derivatives are inexpensively available. Nowadays, sulfone-based dendrimers are exponentially expanding its application in disciplines of science which lie in organic synthesis, material sciences, combinatorial chemistry,  medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. In this review, we have compiled the types of dendrimer and chiefly focused on the synthesis of sulfone-based dendrimers and their applications, in short. Further, future prospect of sulfone-based dendrimers in various branches of science has been outlined.