The electrical discharge machining is still one of the widest spread machining methods for manufacturing the parts from ceramics, nanoceramics, composites, nanocomposites and other high strength materials based on ceramic or metallic matrix. The defect after electrical discharge machining is often accompanied by processing. In this work, the characterization of the defects in the material was studied. The description of the assets’ development for the process of diagnostics and the main effects of the technological parameters via the method of vibroacoustic diagnostics is provided. Among the most widespread on-line diagnostic methods for technological processes in modern production, vibrodiagnostics is one of the most preferable methods in the case of working area optic access absence. The results of the project, received by experimental implementation of the research, allow extending significantly the present knowledge about physical processes of the material disruption under the influence of the electrical current pulses and permit to develop the common technological recommendations to apply the developed diagnostic and measuring means and techniques in the conditions of the real manufacturing. The application of the results will increase reliability and safety of operation and maintenance of technological systems and will improve the quality of the responsible parts, produced by EDM method.