Molybdenum bismuth telluride thin films have been prepared on clean glass substrate using Arrested Precipitation Technique (APT) which is based on self organized growth process. As deposited MoBi2Te5 thin films were dried in constant temperature oven at 110 o C and further characterized for their optical, structural, morphological, compositional and electrical analysis. Optical absorption spectra recorded in the wavelength range 300-800 nm showed band gap (Eg) 1.44 eV. X-ray diffraction pattern and scanning electron microscopic images showed that MoBi2Te5 thin films were nanocrystalline having rhombohedral structure. The energy dispersive spectroscopic analysis of as deposited thin films showed close agreements in theoretical and experimental atomic percentages of Mo 4+ , Bi 3+ and Te 2- and suggest that the chemical formula MoBi2Te5 assigned to molybdenum bismuth telluride thin film material is confirm. The resistivity and thermoelectric power measurement studies showed that the films were semiconducting with n-type conduction. The fill factor and conversion efficiency (η) are determined by fabricating PEC cell using MoBi2Te5 thin film electrode. In this article we report the optostructural, morphological, compositional and thermoelectric characteristics of nanocrystalline MoBi2Te5 thin films to check its suitability as photoelectrode in PEC Cell.