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1. Stress Fields at the Central Point of Arc Crack under Uniaxial Tension

M. M. Aish; E. H. Aish

Volume 10, Issue 9 , September 2019, , Pages 671-674

  In this study the stress fields under uniaxial tension of the plane with arc cut were calculated. To describe the concentration of normal and shear stresses in the areas of the crack ends, new characteristics based on equilibrium conditions were introduced.  The influence of the angle of the crack ...  Read More

2. Maximum available tensile strength of carbon fibers

Masatoshi Shioya; Takashi Kajikawa; Kuniaki Takahashi; Yoshiki Sugimoto

Volume 9, Issue 12 , December 2018, , Pages 885-888

  Development of carbon fibers from alternative precursory materials through new production processes is a recent topic of active research. In such a research, the maximum available tensile strength, i. e. the tensile strength which will be achieved after elaboration to suppress defect formation during ...  Read More

3. Strength recovery of concrete exposed to freezing-thawing by self-healing of cementitious materials using synthetic fiber 

Heesup Choi; Masumi Inoue; Risa Sengoku; Hyeonggil Choi

Volume 8, Issue 10 , October 2017, , Pages 993-998

  In this study, it is possible to disperse effectively cracked using synthetic fiber, an examination of the most suitable self-healing conditions was performed on the above crack width 0.1mm. As a result, effective crack dispersion using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers with polar OH - groups, as well as ...  Read More