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1. Mechanism of destruction of benzoyl peroxide on surface of sp2-type carbon nanomaterials

Mykola Kartel; Liudmyla Karachevtseva; Wang Bo; Daryna Haliarnyk; Olga Bakalinska; Tetyana Kulyk; Borys Palyanytsya; Yevgen Demianenko; Anatoliy Grebenyuk; Volodymyr Kuts

Volume 9, Issue 6 , June 2018, , Pages 450-455

  The possible mechanisms of decomposition of benzoyl peroxide were investigated by the method of density functional theory with the exchange-correlation functionality of B3LYP, a basis set of 6-31G (d, p). It was carried out a comparative analysis of the quantum chemical calculations of the electronic ...  Read More

2. The freeze-thaw technique for exfoliation of graphite: A novel approach for bulk production of scroll-free graphene oxide sheets

Vishal S. Makadia; Lalit M. Manocha; Satish Manocha; Hasmukh L. Gajera

Volume 8, Issue 3 , March 2017, , Pages 262-264

  A freeze-thaw technique is put forth as a novel approach to exfoliating graphene oxide sheets (GO-sheets) in aqueous media.  This method does not use shear force or high-temperature treatment at any stage. Avoiding these factors prevents scrolling and promotes defect-free synthesis of the graphitic ...  Read More