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Designing of 10 Wt. % Graphite Particulate Hot Forged AA7075 Composites and its Loss Factor Analysis

N.B. Dhokey; A.G. Jadhav; S.S. Nimbalkar; V. Nimbalkar

Volume 12, Issue 4 , April 2021, , Pages 1-7


  The composite material is an emerging opportunity for improving the loss factor. In the present context, AA7075 was fabricated in induction furnace using elemental addition such as Zn, Mg and Cu and ex-situ reinforcement of 10wt. % graphite particulates with three types of composites viz 3 to 10 μm ...  Read More

Impact of annealing temperature on martensite transformations and structure of quaternary Ti50Ni47.7Mo0.3V2 alloy

Anatoliy Klopotov; Victor Gunther; Ekaterina Marchenko; Gulsharat Baigonakova; Timofey Chekalkin; Ji-soon Kim; Ji-hoon Kang

Volume 8, Issue 2 , February 2017, , Pages 122-127


  Within the wide family of shape memory alloys (SMAs), TiNi-based alloys are characterized by unique characteristics, with good workability in the martensite phase and good resistance to corrosion and fatigue. In the nearest future, TiNi-based SMAs are expected the second birth to begin regarding their ...  Read More

Mechanical Properties and Deformation Of Ceramic Coated Steels Heat-treated By Scanning Laser

Hirotaka Tanabe; Keiji Ogawa; Yui Izumi; Motoyuki Nishizawa; Tohru Takamatsu; Heisaburo Nakagawa

Volume 5, Issue 5 , May 2014, , Pages 248-254


  A new surface modification method “laser quenching after coating” using a high power diode laser equipped with a 2-dimensional galvano-scanner unit was developed to process a larger area of ceramic coated steel uniformly and efficiently. The laser irradiation tests for 3 kinds of ceramic-coated ...  Read More