1. Multilayer ceramics as integration platform for sensors in in-vitro cell culture reactors

Heike Bartsch; Martin Baca; Uta Fernekorn; Marcel Himmerlich; Jens Müller; Andreas Schober Hartmut Witte

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 748-752

  Monitoring systems that are capable to record neuronal activity in in-vitro cell cultures are prerequisite to the comprehensive investigation of neuronal processes. Low temperature cofired ceramics are a suitable platform for rapid prototyping of biological reactors, entailing a wide assortment of integration-capable ...  Read More

2. Behavior of EB FRP masonry bond under service temperature

Zuhair Al-Jaberi; John J. Myers; K. Chandrashekhara

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 753-759

  The interest in advanced composites in repairing and strengthening infrastructure systems has considerably increased, especially as the application externally bonded (EB) fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) has become more well established. Previous research on bond behavior has focused on impact of durability ...  Read More

3. Magnetism of ACFs and superfluidity of 4He adsorbed in ACFs

Yoshiyuki Shibayama

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 760-766

  Activated carbon fibers (ACFs) are a nanoporous form of carbon with huge specific surface areas caused by a three-dimensional random network of nanographites. Because of nano-size effects, non-bonding π-electron spins emerge on the nanographite. The nanographite random network produces many nanopores ...  Read More

4. Joule heating of logs for phytosanitary purposes and timber processing pre-treatment

William J.B. Heffernan; Nurzhan Nursultanov; Ryan van Herel; Thomas Smart

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 767-775

  Joule heating has recently been investigated as a potential alternative to chemical fumigation for phytosanitary treatment of Pinus radiata logs exported from New Zealand. The research was driven by concern regarding the effects of methyl bromide release to atmosphere, following fumigation, as highlighted ...  Read More

5. Design of FES based muscle stimulator device using EMG and insole force resistive sensors for foot drop patients

Muhammad A. Khan; Saad Abdullah; Mauro Serpelloni; Emilio Sardini

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 776-780

  In the presented research, design of functional electrical stimulation (FES) based muscle stimulator device has been described which is used to correct and enhance the gait activity of foot drop patients. The device mainly comprises of FES unit for electrical pulse generation, an electromyography (EMG) ...  Read More

6. Structure and properties degradation of the nuclear graphite under neutron irradiation

Boris A. Gurovich; Denis A. Kuleshov; Dmitriy A. Maltsev; Oleg K. Chugunov; Alexey S. Frolov; Yaroslav I. Shtrombakh

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 781-788

  The operation of nuclear graphite in graphite-moderated reactors is accompanied by its properties degradation under the influence of neutron irradiation, which limits their service life. In this connection, it is of interest to identify the mechanisms that determine the properties degradation of graphite ...  Read More

7. Structural performance of severely damaged reinforced concrete beams after SRP repair

Hayder H. Alghazali; Zuhair K. Al-Jaberi; Zena R. Aljazaeri; John J. Myers

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 789-795

  To experimentally examine the ability of the steel reinforced polymer (SRP) in restoring the moment capacity compromised by damage in the main steel reinforcement, six full-scale reinforced concrete (RC) beams were designed to simulate impact damage from over height vehicle collision. The simulation ...  Read More

8. Polycaprolactone/organoclay biodegradable nanocomposites: dissimilar tendencies of different clay modifiers

Romina P. Ollier; Matias R. Lanfranconi; Vera A. Alvarez; Leandro N. Ludue

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 796-804

  In this work, biodegradable nanocomposites based on polycaprolactone (PCL) reinforced with 2.5, 5.0 and 7.5 wt.% of two different clays, a commercial organo-clay (Cloisite 20A, C20A) and a laboratory modified bentonite with tributylhexadecyl phosphonium bromide (bTBHP), were prepared by melt intercalation ...  Read More

9. Synthesis and characterization of pure BiFeO3 using various complexing agents by Sol-gel method

Balesh Kumar Vashisth; Jarnail S. Bangruwa; S. P. Gairola; Vivek Verma

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 805-810

  Pure BiFeO3 (BFO) nanoparticles were prepared using various complexing agents like citric acid, malonic acid, succinic anhydride and tartaric acid by sol-gel method annealed at different temperatures (400 °C, 500 °C, 600 °C). X-Ray diffraction pattern of various samples show the degree of ...  Read More

10. Effect of sulfurization temperature on optical and compositional properties of sputtered Zn(O, S) thin films

K. S. Gour; A. K. Yadav; Rahul Kumar; J. S. Tawale; V. N. Singh

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 811-815

  Zinc oxysulfide or Zn(O,S) is emerging as an alternate n-type buffer layer for kesterite, chalcogenides and CdTe based thin film solar cell due to it is being made from non-toxic elements and tunable bandgap, its suitable optical and electrical properties required for a buffer layer. Generally, buffer ...  Read More

11. Staking lay-up effect on dynamic compression behaviour of e-glass/epoxy composite materials: experimental and numerical investigation

Mostapha Tarfaoui; Mourad Nachtane

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 816-822

  Several industrial applications have exposed polymer matrix composite materials to a very high strain rate loading conditions, requiring an ability to understand and predict the material behaviour under these extreme conditions. Many composite aircraft structures such as fuselage, wing skins, engine ...  Read More

12. Facile Electrostatic Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase onto Citrate Capped Gold Nanoparticles for Surface-enhanced (Bio)-Catalysis

Ayushi Tiwari; Anshuman Mishra

Volume 9, Issue 11 , November 2018, Pages 823-830

  Diabetes mellitus is a serious life-time health issue which has been increasing among the greater population, approximately 285 million people carrying this disease worldwide. In this study, we have functionalised the gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) with biocatalytic enabled optical property, it is the subject ...  Read More