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Laboratory of Innovative Building Structures, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), Sauletekio av. 11, Vilnius LT-10223, Lithuania


The modern industry allows producing composite materials with a broad spectrum of mechanical properties applicable in medicine, aviation, and automotive industries. However, the building industry generates a substantial part of budgets worldwide and utilizes vast material amounts. At the same time, the engineering practice has revealed that innovative technologies require new design concepts related to developing materials with mechanical properties tailored for structural purposes. It is the opposite of the current design philosophy when design solutions allow applying only the existing typical materials, the physical characteristics of which, in general, are imperfectly suiting the technical requirements, leading to an inefficient increase of the material amounts for safety’s sake. Moreover, some structural solutions are barely possible using standardized approaches. The “Industrialised material-oriented engineering for eco-optimized structures” research project supported by the European Regional Development Fund inspired this article’s emergence, which adapts the Award lecture at the European Advanced Material Congress 2022 in Genoa. It summarizes the project results and illustrates the implementation of the proposed adaptive design concept.

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Material-oriented engineering for eco-optimized structures—a new design approach


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