Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM, Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika 590 53, Sweden


Climate neutrality has turned out to be crucial in policy and state relationships. In lines of green actions, many capitals have declared aspiring climate neutrality goals to establish their net-zero infrastructures and inhabitants. The increasing emission of greenhouse gases paves the way to enhance the earth temperature, which are resulting to endangering lives mainly due to dry up of water reserves. Thus, abrupt climate change is adversely affecting the world-wide ecosystems and biodiversity. The common effects of climate change are causing through droughts, forest fires, cloudbursts, cyclones, earthquakes, heavy rains, snow, cold and hot waves etc. From north to south America and from east to west Asia are experiencing frequently extreme weather events. This interns to fast moving of the global warming. The impact of extreme weather conditions needs to urgently normalise with adopting ecological practices, green scientific protocols, time bound government strategies and comprehensive climate actions.


Main Subjects