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China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, Beijing, 100029, China


Super304H (18Cr-9Ni-3Cu-Nb-N) austenite steel has high creep strength and has been used as the material of tubes in 600 class supercritical power plants in China. Many Super304H materials have run for more than 100,000 hours. Long-time service feature of these austenitic stainless steels has not been understood. An understanding of the long-term microstructural evolution under actually used conditions is a key for the improvement of these heat resistant steels. In this article, creep behavior of Super304H used in China plants was analyzed, microstructural evolution of Super304H materials after different service conditions were studied involving in optical microscope, TEM and SAXS. The results show, M23C6, Cu-rich particles, and σ phase were found to precipitate. A quantitative assessment of microstructure evolution was given during long-term creep.


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