Institute of Advanced Materials, IAAM


The scientific foot is directed towards a range of net-zero paths, which can predict the sustainable future of society. Climate neutral practices require ultimate plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity. It is critical to set synergy among education, industry, and government policies for creating a clear vision to evolve various sectors addressing net-zero utilization and climate neutrality objectives on regional basis. The materials research drives in the direction of climate neutrality goal by advancing the field. The net-zero emissions must be globally achieved by 2050 and important objectives should be decided. The global trends of materials research are shifting towards important directions highlighting innovation and trends for promising materials industry. Thus, advancement of materials could concur with health, energy, and environmental technologies, which are not harming to biodiversity and ecosystem. The recent advances increase the role of intelligent materials more in current scope. Therefore, making smart building blocks and devices are getting very high attention. The emerging global trends for net-zero technology require transforming research and innovations such as green energy, waste conversation and digitalization.


Main Subjects