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In this work, a numerical methodology is implemented applying the computational finite element method for a pair pinion-crown of bevel gears in spiral of the differential system of a compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), with the objective of establishing a criterion of the results to characterize the failure of the gear pair during its operation. To do this, from a CAD model obtained by 3D scanning, the numerical results of the structural case are compared by correlating the transient, fatigue, modal and harmonic studies between a pair of gears without damage and another pair with a damaged (chipped) tooth on the pinion. It is observed that from the harmonic response of stress and vibration, a criterion can be established to differentiate the new pair of gears from the damaged pair, the latter presenting a frequency response pattern with high values with respect to the first. The above may be a reference option for detecting the failure of spiral bevel gear pairs used in automobile differential system.

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Design and Numerical Simulation using Vibration Analysis for the Detection and Reduction of Failures of the Gear Pair of the Differential System of a Powertrain


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