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Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Unizah, Qassim University, 51911, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


In this study, the severe plastic deformation (SPD) behavior of commercial-grade pure copper processed using equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) was investigated. The copper rods were processed for up to 4 passes, both at room temperature and 200 oC. The microstructure and texture evolution were studied using a field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) equipped with an electron back scattered (EBSD) detector. The effect of ECAP processing on the tensile properties, micro-hardness, and impact toughness was studied.  After 1 pass, the average grain size of the rods was determined to be 2.694 and 3.9066 μm at room temperature and 200 oC, respectively. In addition, after 4 passes through ECAP, the strength of the ECAPed samples increased to 381 MPa, and 330 MPa at room temperature and 200 oC, respectively; and the Vickers’ micro-hardness at the peripheral areas increased to 158, and 126, respectively. In the other hand, the experimental findings revealed that the number of ECAP passes has insignificant effect on the impact energy.

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On the Effect of ECAP Processing Temperature on the Microstructure, Texture Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Commercial Pure Copper


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