The present work demonstrates the electrochemical detection of the endocrine disruptor Bisphenol A in solution by three different types of functionalized graphene samples viz. graphene oxide (GO), ester functionalized graphene oxide (GO-ES) and amine functionalized graphene oxide (GO-en) modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) using a very simple drop casting method without the use of any toxic organic compounds or polymeric binders via cyclic voltammetry. The system developed showed detection of BPA via formation of a π-stacked layered functionalized graphene oxide-BPA (π-s-GO-BPA) nanocomposite accompanied by a reduction in the oxidation peak current value associated with a significant shift in the peak potential value. The electrochemical sensing materials developed showed good sensitivity compared to already reported systems and furthermore high selectivity in presence of other structurally similar kinds of molecules in solution without the use of any toxic organic chemicals thereby demonstrating the practical applicability of the material and the technique developed. The practical viability of the material developed is also demonstrated via testing with a real low quality plastic sample that contains Bisphenol A. A plausible mechanism to justify the detection process is also being discussed. 

Graphical Abstract

Functionalized graphene oxide as an electrochemical sensing platform for detection of Bisphenol A