Crystals of Glycine with Sodium Nitrate (GSN) taken in concentration ratio of 1:1 were grown by slow evaporation technique. Solubility of the material was determined in double distilled water at different temperatures. Purity of the grown crystal was checked by CHN and EDAX analysis whereas crystalline nature was confirmed from powder X-ray diffraction pattern. Dielectric study of the sample was carried out between the frequency range 1Hz to 100 KHz. FTIR spectra along with Raman spectra was used to look at the presence of different chemical bonds and groups present. Optical absorption spectra recorded in UV-Vis (250-800 nm) region for the GSN crystal was analyzed to determine the optical energy bandgap of the sample. GSN crystal was thermally investigated between 323-773 K at three different heating rates (5, 10, 15 K/min) and activation energy was computed using Kissinger method.