The main objective of the work was to rapidly prepare high density short carbon fiber reinforced randomly oriented C/C composite by coupling the processes. The C/C composite was fabricated by coupling two processes. In primary high pressure HP method, medium density C/C composite was prepared by mixing the exfoliated carbon fibers and PMP with distilled water; moulding of the slurry; drying of the green cake; hot-pressing of the preform and finally carbonizing the compact. In secondary low pressure ITC method, the medium density C/C composite was densified by SMP in three repeated cycles to obtain high density. The composite was characterized for microstructure, density, porosity, hardness, flexural strength, compressive strength and permeability. The results showed that the coupling of primary method with secondary method resulted in fine microstructure, high density (1.70 g/cm 3 ), excellent mechanical properties (flexural strength 77 MPa and compressive strength 161 MPa) and reduced porosity & permeability.