The present paper reports a calcium phosphate host glass doped with 2 mol% of samarium oxide (2Sm). The glass has been characterized by FTIR, SEM, EDS analysis, and X-ray mapping. Exciting in the visible, using 405 nm and 423 nm, we observed intense, sharp green, yellow, orange emission peaks (4G5/2→6H5/2, 7/2, 9/2) at 560nm, 596 nm and 643 nm respectively. A weak red emission was also observed at 704 nm. Two NIR peaks at 1134nm (4G5/2→6F11/2) and 1310 nm (4G5/2→6F9/2) are monitored by using an excitation at 1060 nm. Furthermore, by making use of time-resolved emission spectroscopy (TRES) measurements, enabled the decay associated spectra to be obtained and the kinetic parameters for the different emission bands to be determined for comparison with steady state emission spectra.