We reported the Core/Shell structures of CoFe2-xCexO4 (CFCeO) nanoparticles were prepared by a chemical combustion method. The Rietveld refinement of X-ray diffraction pattern results into CoFe2O4 spinel structure and thevariation in lattice parameters have been found with doping of Ce ions. Transmission Electron Microscopy analysis has shown Core/Shell type nanoparticles. The stoichiometric composition of Co, Fe, Ce and O atoms has been analyzed through X-ray fluorescence elemental detection. Fourier transform infrared spectra could detect organic extent, tetrahedral (Fe-O), octahedral (Fe(Ce)-O-Co) and lattice disorder in CFO nanoparticles with Ce doping. Defects related oxygen vacancies are analyzed in Photoluminescence emission spectra. The room temperature magnetic measurement of CFO nanoparticles is highly influenced with Ce ions. The magnetic interactions are antiferromagnetic at room temperature that confirmed by zero field cooling and field cooling magnetic measurements at 100 Oe. However, the spin glass and ferromagnetic clustered growth may also exist in CFCeO samples that reduce room temperature ferromagnetism. The dielectric measurement indicates polarization up to higher frequency region that enhanced with Ce ions.