Impedance measurements of (50-x)P < sub>2O5-xAgI-40Ag2O-10Fe2O3, [where x = 0, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 mol %] superionic glasses have been studied in the frequency range (500 Hz - 5 MHz) and in the temperature range 303-413 K. The frequency dependence of the total conductivity (σt) for the investigated samples was carried out at different ambient temperatures. The temperature dependence of ac conductivity σac(ω) and dc conductivity (σdc) were studied, where Arrhenius behavior has been observed for all the samples glass, and the corresponding activation energies ΔEac and ΔEdc, respectively have been obtained. The bulk conductivity (σb) of the samples has been carried out at different temperatures, from impedance plots, where the activation energy ΔEb can be obtained. From the frequency dependence of the ac conductivity of the investigated samples, σac(ω)=Aωs, the frequency exponent s and the maximum barrier height Wm have been deduced at different compositions. The results are interpreted in terms of the correlated barrier hopping (CBH), Funke, and Minami models.