To be used as back contact for CZTS/CIGS thin film solar cell, good adhesion to the substrate and low resistivity of the Mo thin film is necessary. In this study, molybdenum thin film has been deposited on soda lime glass, sapphire, quartz, and a single crystal yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) using DC magnetron sputtering at 400°C. The structural, electrical, surface morphology and adhesion test using scotch tape test were carried out. Films deposited on all the substrates passed the adhesion test. Lattice parameter of films deposited on various substrates was almost same, but the strain % was different. The size of grain in the film deposited on soda lime glass and YSZ single crystals were larger compared to films deposited on quartz and sapphire. In the case of SLG, Na helped in the grain growth and in the case of YSZ, the crystalline nature of YSZ helped in grain growth. Resistivity result indicated films having pure metallic behavior. The resistivity for sample deposited on YSZ single crystal was very low. AFM study showed that the film made on soda lime glass is having higher surface roughness than other substrates and it was lowest for samples deposited on YSZ single crystal. The cross-sectional TEM study of Mo thin film deposited on glass showed columnar structure of the film.