The paper aims to explore the utilization of industrial waste fly ash as a filler material into low density polyethylene (LDPE) polymer matrix with / without expanded graphite to optimize the electrostatic charge dissipative (ESD) properties as injection molded sheets. Homogeneous mixing of composite mixture has been carried out in a single screw extruder via melt blending and designed to sheet form by using an injection molding machine. The mechanical and thermal properties of the composite sheet depend on the formulation of composite material. The presence of fly ash particles and fly ash/ expanded graphite in the polymer system allows the composite sheet to acquire good mechanical and electrostatic charge dissipative properties. Static voltage decay rate and decay value measurement were carried out for LDPE and LDPE/fly ash/expanded graphite composite sheet. LDPE/fly ash/expanded graphite composite sheet having high percentage of expanded graphite showed good electrostatic charge dissipative properties. Further, structural analysis, surface morphology, thermal stability and mechanical properties have been explored by XRD, SEM, TGA and tensile testing.