Single crystals of triglycinium calcium nitrate, a semiorganic nonlinear optical (NLO) material, have been grown by slow solvent evaporation technique at room temperature. The size of the grown crystal is up to the dimension of 29×19×5 mm 3 . The structure of the crystal was analyzed by single crystal X-ray diffraction and the functional groups present in the sample were identified by FTIR spectral analysis in the range 4000-450 cm -1 . The UV-vis-NIR studies was undertaken to find the transmittance in the ultraviolet and visible region. The efficiency of second harmonic generation was analyzed by Kurtz-Perry powder technique and compared with standard KDP crystal. Thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis have been performed to determine the thermal stability of the crystal. Dielectric properties such as dielectric constant and dielectric loss were studied at various temperatures and frequencies. Vickers microhardness testing was carried out on the as-grown crystal surface to reveal the mechanical properties of the crystal. Etching studies were made on the as grown crystal to analyze the structural imperfection of the crystal.