Antiferroelectric liquid crystals are considered as smarter materials for display technologies owing to their faster response time over conventional nematics. However there is large scope for modifications of its physical properties. In the present study multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) are dispersed in a high tilted antiferroelectric liquid crystal composed of rod like molecules. The effects of nano-dispersion on electro-optical and dielectric properties of the host are studied in details. The time for switching between dark and bright states and the rotational viscosity are reduced and spontaneous polarization is enhanced considerably by minute addition of MWCNTs. The high tilt angle of the molecules necessary for obtaining good dark state in displays has not changed after dispersion of nanotubes. The strong interaction of the aromatic cores of the rod like liquid crystal molecules with the honey-comb pattern of the CNT walls is considered responsible behind such improvements of physical properties of the host.