In this issue, we continue to publish the data collected from Scopus in accordance to Biomaterials under “Advanced Materials” research from last five years. We elucidated the data for top-ten countries, affiliations and authors in respective biomaterials field. The most producing countries in last five years were USA, China, Germany, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Italy and Spain ranked in respect to last five years performances. In addition to country ranking, we also extracted the citation variation through years besides the total numbers of citation and h-indexes. As clearly seen in citation variation through last five years, the trends in the biomaterials has still exponentially grown up meanwhile it has also seen in the distribution/number of patents approved mainly by US patent office. In addition, one third of the all patents belong to private company as well as top-twenty patents mostly belong to academic research institutes. Besides including top-ten researchers in top-ten countries, we want to guide the attentions on who/what leads these researches: institute-driven, collaborative and senior researcher leading works.