Herein, a comparative study on the structural and luminescence properties of optimized Y2O3:Eu 3+ /Tb 3+ nanophosphor has been reported after 150 MeV Ni 7+ , 120 MeV Ag 9+ and 110 MeV Au 8+ ion beam irradiation at various fluences ranging from 1×10 11 to 1×10 13 ions/cm 2 . The X-ray diffraction results confirm the cubic phase in case of unirradiatedY 2 O 3 :Eu 3+ /Tb 3+ nanophosphor. The loss of crystallinity was observed after ion irradiation and Au ion is more effective to damage the crystal structure in these phosphors. The transmission electron microscopic results show the reduction of the particle size from 100 nm to 50, 30 and 20 nm after ion irradiation with the Ni 7+ , Ag 9+ and Au 8+ ions, respectively. Diffuse reflectance spectra show a blue shift in the absorption band owing to the increase in the band gap after ion irradiation. An increase in the photoluminescence intensity without any shift in the peak positions was observed with the increase in the ion fluence. The colour tunability was observed with ion irradiation as the colour coordinate varies from red to white chromaticity.