Growing energy crisis and environmental issues demand alternative source of green energy. In recent years ferroelectrics and multiferroics have got renewed attention for the breakthrough in photovoltaic application. Multiferroic is an appealing class of material, having two or more ferroic properties intimately coupled to each other. Energy harvesting from ferroelectrics and multiferroics is a pioneering field of research by its own, combination of other ferroic properties is a value addition to it. The coupling of ferroic and optical properties has brought a revolution in the field of photovoltaics. This review highlights recent development in the field of ferroelectric-multiferroic photovoltaics and summarizes the electrical, optical and photovoltaic properties of various ferroelctric and multiferroic systems. The different mechanisms and factors that attribute to the photovoltaic phenomena in ferroelctrics and multiferroics are also described here.