We celebrate 5 th  anniversary of the  Advanced  Materials Letters in this year.  At the beginning, we had comprehensively discussed scope and readership of the journal.  Tremendous improvements have been made from the last five years to improve the quality of the journal.  Journal aims to join the list of pioneer material's journals in the near future. In this respect, we reorganized our editorial team, as well as web portal, the monthly cover page of journal, online submission, and review system.  In addition to these managerial remodeling, we have decided to compile a series of "Editorials on the recent developments of Advanced  Materials".  In this issue, we publish statistics to describe amazing growth of energy materials research with the listing of top ten countries with numbers of documents, citations and h-index as well as top five authors/affiliations, etc.  Although we are mainly interested in the advanced materials research and technology, it is hard for us to realize how much-advanced materials world enlarged. Two-thirds of documents in respect to advanced materials have been published within last five years.  These documents were related to top seven subject areas including materials science,  engineering,  chemistry, physics and astronomy, biomedical, energy and computer science. Energy research is one of incredibly growing subject area of advanced materials.