Growing electromagnetic pollution caused by the rapid proliferation of sophisticated electronic devices has increasingly invited concerns. Cement based composites are commercially established in constructions, also capable of electromagnetic interference shielding besides other multifunctional utilities. Cement matrix a key ingredient in mixes is considered to be the best adhesive that holds together the aggregates. In this work these composites filled with conductive graphite particles were prepared using dry tumble mixing modus operandi followed by compression and subsequent curing with water. Prolong tumble mixing ensures even dispersion of constituents while compression develops a stronger bond to the aggregates besides patterning of graphite particles in cement matrix. This patterning of conductive graphite particles is vital for producing enhanced electrical and dielectric properties. Effects of increasing graphite concentration on electrical properties and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness in X band were investigated. The cement with 20 wt% graphite shows an enormous electrical conductivity 2.74 × 10 -1