In this study compression behavior and energy absorption capacity of aluminium foam-filled square tubes under the divers strain rate in between 0.01 to 1/s at room temperature were studied. The foam-filled thin-wall square tube were made up of aluminium tube, aluminium tube as its shell and closed–cell LM 30 + 15% SiCp Al-alloy foam as its core. The result shows that the plateau region of the stress-strain graph exhibited marked fluctuant serration which is clearly related formation of the folds. The axial deformation mode of foam-filled square tube were the same as the empty sample tube, but the fold number of foam-filled sample tube were more than that of empty sample tubes. The axial compression load and specific energy absorption rate of foam-filled sample tubes were higher compared to the sum of the empty sample tubes and aluminium foam due to the contact between tube & foam-filled. When compare with empty aluminium tube samples to foam filled samples, energy absorption increases considerably. This work indicates the excellent ability of Al-alloy foam in application in which it is necessary to absorb compressed energy.