Carbon has been prepared by pyrolysis of grated, milk-extracted coconut kernel at 600 ºC under nitrogen atmosphere. The disordered carbon has sheet like morphology. The carbon exhibits a high reversible Li + intercalation capacity in a non-aqueous electrolyte. The initial charge and discharge capacities are 990 and 400 mAh g -1 , thus resulting in an irreversible capacity loss of 590 mAh g -1 . Nevertheless, subsequent discharge capacity is stable over a large number of charge-discharge cycles. The electrodes withstand charge-discharge currents as high as 1257 mA g -1 and they deliver discharge capacity of 80 mAh g -1 . Diffusion coefficient of Li+ obtained from galvanostatic intermittent titration is 6.7 x 10 -12 cm 2 s -1 . Thus the coconut kernel derived carbon is a suitable anode material for Li-ion batteries.