The subject of this work is the characterization of the photoluminescence properties of RE 3+ doped bromoapatite inorganic optoelectronic phosphor material. This paper reports the luminescence properties of RE 3+ (Where RE= Ce, Dy, and Eu) doped Ca5(PO4)3Br, which has been prepared by solid state reaction route. The prepared phosphor is well characterized by XRD, SEM, FT-IR and photoluminescence (PL) measurement. The apatite Ca5(PO4)3Br:Ce 3+ shows an efficient broad  emission at 340 nm and weak 362 nm emission when excited at 293 nm. Ca5(PO4)3Br:Dy 3+ phosphor shows an efficient blue and yellow  emissions at 485 nm and 577 nm respectively when excited at 390 nm . Ca5(PO4)3Br:Eu 3+ phosphor shows an orange and weak red emission at 592 nm and 615 nm respectively when excited at 396 nm. The effect of the RE 3+ concentration on the luminescence properties of Ca5 (PO4)3Br:RE 3+ phosphors are also studied. The investigated prepared bromoapatite phosphors may be suitable for a near UV excited LED.