Sb2Te3 thin films of different thickness ranging from 100 to 500 nm were prepared on glass substrate by thermal evaporation method. The effects of thickness on structural, optical and electrical properties of thin films were studied. XRD revealed that grain size increases from 1.1 to 98.7 nm with increase in film thickness. The internal strain and dislocation density decreased with increase in film thickness. The optical band gap decreases from 1.3 to 0.9 eV with increase in film thickness. AFM images indicated crystalline nature of Sb2Te3. Surface roughness increased up to 400nm after which it decreased. The resistivity decreases with increase in thickness at room temperature ranging from 2.9×10 -3 to 1.35×10 -4 The work function and barrier height decreases as the film thickness increases from 5.45 to 5.05eV and barrier height from 0.3 to -0.1eV. The results elucidate that Sb2Te3back contact of 400 nm thickness is ideal and efficient to be used in CdTe solar cell.