The ZnO1-xSx, metal oxide nanoparticles (MNPs) have been dispersed in the ferroelectric mesophase (FLC). The electrical properties and dielectric relaxation processes have been studied for the MNPs dispersed FLC system with the variation of frequency and temperature. The dielectric measurements have been carried out in the frequency interval of 1Hz-10MHz to investigate different relaxation processes. Three different relaxation modes have been observed in the case of the pure FLC at frequency 2.5Hz, 20Hz and Goldstone relaxation mode at 200Hz. The addition of MNPs, suppressed the relaxation mode observed at 2.5 Hz for the pure FLC whereas the relaxation mode observed at 20 Hz is shifted to the higher frequency side. The conductivity and the relative permittivity of the pure FLC have also been enhanced by the dispersion of the MNPs. The present investigation establishes the MNPs as an intelligent material to tune the relaxation process and to enhance the conductivity of the materials.